Air Conditioning Installation

Installation Is The Key & So Are We!

Investing in a brand new air conditioner goes further than finding the best AC for your house, comfort needs and budget. Ultimately, if you’re making the investment in a new air conditioning system, be certain to have it installed by a professional to make sure you receive each of the rewards out there. The pros at JonAire Inc are trained to make sure that the AC system installation process is done the right way the first attempt. Think about it, who has time to deal with air conditioner problems?

Air Conditioner Installation

When you hire professionals like those at JonAire Inc, getting a new AC installed means you can rely on:

Comfortable Operation: certified air conditioner installation means that your system is installed and operating as it should be, leaving you with enjoyment for your whole family.
Dependable Operation: choosing an expert like those at Jonaire Inc to install your air conditioner means that it will be installed the right way and will be performing as it is supposed to.

Attention to Detail: expert installation of your air conditioner means you don’t have to be uneasy about steps being skipped or overlooked, and once the process is complete, you can expect a relaxing comfortable home. One of the more common questions we get when it comes to a new air conditioner installation is, “What can I expect when installation day arrives for my new air conditioner”? To answer that, we have an overview of the day:

Air Conditioner Installation


Ahead of your actual installation day, one of the certified technicians from JonAire Inc will ensure that the selected system is the perfect size for your home and prepare the installation area and make it accessible for an easy installation.


Once the technician gets there, they will check that your new AC is placed correctly, stabilized and has the proper amount of clearance. Next, the technician will install the piping and wiring and make your system qualified for a test trial.


After everything is set up, the installer will check that the air conditioner is producing cold air, look for duct leaks and measure airflow, making all necessary modifications.


Throughout the process, your installer is more than happy to explain the process they are taking to install the system in working order. They’re also happy to provide tips to help you receive all of the perks of your new air conditioner and how often you should manage it!

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