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When your furnace goes out, you need a trusted team of technicians that can diagnose the problem and fix it quickly. We have been providing top-level furnace service, repair, and replacement in Pahrump, NV since 2000. Our fully-trained staff prides themselves on quality of work and fixing the problem the first time, every time. Read more to learn about common problems with your furnace and the solutions we provide.

Common Problems With Your Furnace / AC Unit

We have enough experience to know what to look for when diagnosing a problem. Look for problems such as:

• Strange Sounds: Call our technicians as soon as possible if you hear something unusual.
• Bad Smells: Likely the result of mold, mildew, or faulty wiring.
• No Cool Air at All: Refrigerant levels or air compressor may need servicing.
• Low Air Flow: This could be due to blocked ducts or a leak in the piping.
• Extra Moisture: The condensation line or drains could be overworked or clogged.

All of these problems create discomfort and anxiety for you. Rely on our technicians for furnace service, repair, and replacement – Pahrump, NV.

Furnace Repair Solutions You Can Count On

Our top-rated repair technicians have seen it all, and know how to fix your problem.

Strange Sounds

If you hear a banging, shrieking, cracking, popping, or grinding sound, call us immediately. There may be a risk of fire or serious mechanical malfunction. We will cut the power to your system and investigate all possible culprits including the thermostat, relay switch, fan motor blades, bearings, and condenser coils.

Bad Smells

If mold or mildew is the culprit, we will need to explore the full extent of the problem. We’ll show you how far the mold has spread and what we may be able to do about it. If the problem is faulty wiring, we can strip and splice new wiring that should alleviate the unpleasant aroma.

No Cool Air at All

We will assess the refrigerant levels to ensure there is enough freon to adequately cool your home. If the cooling levels are where they should be, we will troubleshoot the air compressor to make sure it is pumping air correctly.

Low Air Flow

If the airflow is lacking, your system is running overtime and creating a larger energy bill for you. Your ductwork may be blocked due to a foreign object. If so, we will clean it out or replace the part. If there is a leak in a pipe or air duct, we will replace that section and seal it securely.

Extra Moisture

This is usually the result of a condensation line or drain line that is no longer working properly. We will inspect the pipe fittings, valves, and seals to determine whether the line can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Expert Furnace Service, Repair, and Replacement – Pahrump, NV

We are certified by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) seal of approval. Visit our website today to book an appointment for unparalleled HVAC service.

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